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Women building Jeeps during WWII

If you are a strong, independent woman, tired of the constant “man-splaining” and bro culture that occurs in many Jeep communities and off-road forums, you’ve come to the right place.

Her Jeep. Her Life. Her Jeep Life.

What is Her Jeep Life about? Why is HJL different from all the others?

Her Jeep Life is a lifestyle, not a club. It's all about living your Jeep dreams, and HJL is about the adventures that a Jeep affords you the opportunity to experience.

It's a state of mind common amongst "Adventuristas." It's listening to that whim, hopping into your Jeep, and heading out into the unknown. It's taking the scenic route - the path less traveled. Whether it's in the mountains or in the desert, it's about getting out and delving into whatever life throws your way!

Explore the Jeep Life. Jeep camping. Jeep overlanding. Jeep adventures. Live your best Jeep life! 

HJL is also about building your Jeep for that adventure and being confident in learning about your Jeep and what makes it tick. It's about discovering the ability within yourself to perform operator-level modifications and maintenance; getting down and dirty under the hood and getting a little grease under your fingernails.

Don’t be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

#HerJeepLife. Made for Adventure!

Email us at herjeeplife@gmail.com to say "Hi!" or recommend a subject for us to discuss. We love to receive feedback and suggestions.

HerJeepLife owner/operators at Top of The World, Moab, Utah






Abraxas A. Blaisdell (left)
Cheryl L. Perretti (right)



 HerJeepLife was founded in 2017 by two female Army Veterans, Cheryl and Abby. Cheryl retired from the Army in 2017 after 21 years of service. She is a former Combat Medic, EMT, Eye Technician, and Military Intelligence Operations Coordinator Warrant Officer. Cheryl was stationed around the world to include South Korea, Germany, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, and Panama. She has traveled to many more countries in these regions. Cheryl has owned Jeep Wranglers since 2014 and been adventuring since 2018.

 Abby retired from the Army in 2013 after 20 years of service. She is a former Preventive Medicine Specialist and Special Operations Civil Affairs Team Sergeant and Instructor. Abby was stationed around the world to include South Korea, Haiti, Guyana, Honduras, and a combat tour in Afghanistan. She traveled to many more countries in these regions, as well. Her hobbies include adventuring, writing, graphic design, and her dogs.