Regular or Premium Gas? What's Really Best for Your Jeep.......and Budget?

Is premium gas really better for your Jeep? It's a question that has crossed the mind of many a Jeep aficionado.

Premium gas is a higher grade of fuel intended for high-performance vehicles because their engines have higher compression ratios, and higher grade costs more. So, is it worth the extra dent in your bank account (as if owning a Jeep in the first place wasn't)?

If an owner’s manual states that premium gas is required, then the premium is a must to avoid damaging the engine. When the manual only recommends premium, a lower grade fuel can still be used. When recommending a higher grade, premium fuel may “very slightly improve performance,” i.e., MPG and horsepower, but not enough to make a noticeable difference. 

BLUF: **If your Jeep doesn’t “require” premium, don’t bother. The savings from regular gasoline is much greater than the slight improvement in MPG.

What is important when it comes to the quality of gas is using "Top Tier" gasoline?

Top Tier gasoline is sold by most major oil companies and applies to all grades of fuel. Top Tier fuel must meet a set of standards set by the government to prevent carbon buildup in the engine.

Basically, oil companies make their own blends of fuel by mixing additives and detergents to improve the quality of the gasoline. The blends in Top Tier gasoline are more effective than the government's minimum standards (AAA). Non-Top Tier gas can cause carbon buildup, but switching to Top Tier fuel will help clean those deposits from the engine (

According to the Federal Trade Commission, using a higher grade than what your Jeep requires “isn’t actually better for your car. In most cases, using a higher-octane gasoline than your owner’s manual recommends offers absolutely no benefit.”

**There are exceptions to using a higher octane gas when not required by the owner’s manual such as specific mechanical concerns and high mileage of the Jeep.


A Top Tier logo must be prominently displayed at the pumps. Or search for Top Tier Licensed Brands here:

AAA Station Locator App for iOS:

AAA Station Locator App for Android:


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